curated by Clelia Belgrado
Presentation  Thursdayì 6 May 2021 from 6 pm
7 May – 5 June 2021
Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm to 7 pm and by appointment

I love you, I love you, I miss you, I think of you, I will always love you, I’m fine with you,
I like you, I want you, I like looking at you, I love you, I don’t want to lose you,
Good morning love, I will never forget you, I wish you were here, I would like to kiss you,
You are all that, Thank you my love, You drive me crazy, Come away with me,
Let’s make love together ……….

Words devoid of their meaning, chase each other on social networks
Women equally emptied, with no more references or contents.

The web, in its Social variations, which we compulsively consult several times a day, has become the largest public square where to celebrate a meeting, a memory and where we can share our private experiences.

Today, dating apps often look more like a beauty contest, where only the most attractive people get an answer, thus increasing the sense of low self-esteem and social isolation of those who decide to get involved only once. While Tinder and dating apps help people to meet outside their usual circle of friends, on the other hand they have dehumanized the human being, who becomes an object to choose from a catalog of images.
The death of the soul, the emptiness of contemporaneity where there is no risk.  The hidden fears and sufferings, the non-places of the virtual. The dehumanization.  Are technology and speed leading us to the abyss, or is it just a stage on a journey to a new humanity?
Together, in the near future, will we live a second life in a virtual reality? Life and death become social in an example of humanism capable of dealing with the digital age. Today more than ever, can the digital give us an opportunity to rethink life and death in a revolutionized perspective?
In addition to offering a theme to the project, these are some of the pivotal questions that can be read in the eyes and in the gestures of each of the women depicted and that Malena Mazza asks herself and us thus making it one of the keys to reading  this project.

Describing a visual artistic expression in words always becomes a very personal completion of what you see, but this can and must then be interpreted by different gazes and sensibilities from person to person. Each one of us will then draw our own considerations.

The exhibition is in collaboration with  ETHEREA ART GALLERY, Genova presenting at the same time in their space in  Palazzo Ducale, – Piazza Matteotti 8 – the videoinstallation BREATHLES by Malena Mazza.
We will still be in protective mode and with limited access to the gallery