Danielle van Zadelhoff – WITNESSES

WITNESSES di Danielle van Zadelhoff curated by Clelia Belgrado

Opening Night Thursday 7 October  2021 from 6 pm  The artist will attend the opening reception

8 October  – 23 December  2021

Location: Piazza Invrea 4r – 16123 Genova, Italy

On the occasion of START – The White Night of contemporary art in Genoa, Thursday 7 October 2021 at 6 pm, VisionQuesT 4rosso is pleased to start the new season with the exhibition WITNESSES by Danielle van Zadelhoff.

For the first time in Italy, Danielle van Zadelelhoff presents the exhibition WITNESSES. A selection of portraits that, like all her other works, are identified  by the rigour in the composition, the intensity of the light, the careful choice of every detail and the characteristic faces of her subjects. The use of the chiaroscuro technique, which draws inspiration from the pictorial culture of the seventeenth century, is wisely dosed, giving these works a contemporary trait and transforming them into symbolic representations and witnesses of the great themes of life, such as loneliness, vulnerability, the pure and raw emotions of everyday life.

In this regard, the author states: “I always become fascinated by the light, which makes the models transcend above themselves and head to something universal”.

Through her art work  Danielle van Zadelelhoff, identifies an expedient by placing  a certain distance between herself and the themes she  addresses.  Wrapped in darkness, faces and bodies emerge by reflecting the light at that very moment where the nocturnal animal that dwells in eveyone  meets the diurnal one all differences, ambiguities, dreams, hopes, expectations, fears and wishes of each individual are revealed .Fascinated and inspired by the human psyche, the artist gives her works a palpable tension that leaves no one untouched.  The tension of a gaze that leaves you wondering, that arouses the bewilderment of those who suddenly find themselves in front of people, circumstances and ideas that hide secrets and thoughts to be revealed.

Fernando Francés – Director Centro d’Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga – CAC Málaga, writes about Danielle van Zadelhoff: “ […]  She has invented a kind of self-portrait using a model other than herself, in which  she reflcts her complex, sensitive inner worl, her woman’s eye and her capacity for interpreattion. Her approach bears no resemblance to tht of Cindy Sherman, who transforms herself in the Duchampian manner of Rrose Selavy: she is more like Louise Bourgeois,  who infuses each sculture with her preoccupations, concernes, ideas, feelings and desires. Danielle nan Zadelhoff is equally present in evry theme, every gaze , every skin and the meaning of each work. She does not portray people cleverly chosen to serve as models; rather, she gazes into a kind of magic mirror and bares her own soul in every photograph.”


Technical Information

Fine art photography prints on dbond and frame  – Various dimensions in an edition of  12 and 3

The volume  DANIELLE VAN ZADELHOFF, Stockmans Editions. Belgium 2017 will be available at the gallery


Danielle van Zadelhoff was born Amsterdam,The Netherlands. She lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

In 2013 she buys her first camera and from that moment she is obsessed, to the point that photography becomes the way to express herself. She grows up in a very art oriented family, with a father who was also a painter and sculptor, she  and spends a lot of time in the family home library among history and art books. A few years after her father’s death, she meets the photographer Leopold Beels van Heemstede, who introduces photography into her life and becomes her mentor.  She continues her technical training in Antwerp.  Inspired by the great themes of life, by loneliness, vulnerability, emotions in everyday life, in her images she tries to capture almost imperceptible but always present elements. In some of her works the theme of religion is very evident, she declares in fact: “I grew up in a Protestant school with a Catholic grandmother and a humanist father. Religion is thus present in our society and is at the same time one of the great themes in seventeenth-century paintings”. Her background in the restoration of historical buildings becomes visible through her sophisticated touch, the refinement of her work, the attention to detail and proportions.

She has exhibited in  numerous group and solo exhibitions, and participated  in international fairs such as Paris Photo and Photo London. Her works are present in the collections of various museums such as the Musea Brugge Belgium, CAC Malaga Spain, MIT Boston USA, Reith Hoffman USA and Pio Monte della Misericordia, Naples

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