Presentation Thursday 10 June 2021 from 6 pm

11 June  – 3 July 2021

Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm to 7 pm and by appointment


In the wake of the movement called “sensational art”, founded by Mo2Ma (Massimo Curti, Cristina Maris and Titto Morteo), is the artistic production of the MacMaris collective (Cristina Maris and Massimi Curti – MaC) falls into frame.

This new artistic movement refers to the collective of artists who combine photography, painting and music, allowing the viewer to enter the work of art, static by nature, through the activation of multiple sensory levels in an internal dynamism. In fact, synaesthetic research does not address the music itself but the sound evoked by the image. Similarly, the spectator’s involvement with the work makes him the main active  actor in the activation and appreciation of the work as it is he who controls the contrast between the image’s structure and its internal dynamism. The viewer decides if and when to act and activate the work in a continuous dialogue between himself and the work. Unlike traditional installations, the viewer is not only a passive presence, but becomes part of the work.

The synaesthesis in MacMaris is constituted by the inseparable link between music and image. Music is not just a soundtrack of the image, but is an interpretation of the image itself and of the sound waves that are split up and placed in the image, in an inseparable combination.

The idea behind these artistic representations is to fix the sound waves and their colors, transforming the image (static in itself) into dynamic forms: the visual representation, once the qr code present in each work has been activated; through the sounds connected to the image, it transforms the image dynamically. The user is transported into a dream dimension, seeing and listening to music / image, in a single sensory experience.

The images are transformed exactly in the movement that the music imposes, in a continuous dialogue between shapes, colors and sounds.

Technical Information

Fine art photography prints, anti-acid support in floating frame.

Starting from the sound image, the musical sequence changes according to the color. The project consists of a series of three works per sequence and a single one, for a total of ten works.  The image is made by Cristina Maris through an elaboration of her photographs. The sound linked to the image is made by Massimo Curti (MaC).


Cristina Maris is a lawyer by formation but soon developed a strong passion for photography which will accompanies her on her travels around the world. Her approach towards the medium as well as her subsequent path in the search of her own style have been greatly inspired by Giuliana Traverso’s lessons expressed in “Donna Fotografa” as well as by Lucio Fontas’s art and theories. The space’s geometry, the forms’ rigour, the movements’ harmony together with a meticulous attention to details’ specific characteristics come to define her technique. Elements such as atmosphere and transfiguration, movements and harmonies, turns that met following a personal and unique perspective are represented through her photographic lenses. Indeed, all these qualities allow her to give her works an oneiric atmosphere dominated by the relation between light and contrast.

Massimo Curti graduated from Genova Music Academy in 1988 and specialised in the piano instrument. He began his career as performer in small concert hall and in 1990 he published a number of compositions for piano and song performed by Fernanda Calati in Venice. In 1991 Curti directed his first composition at Carlo Felice Theatre in Genova during a festival organised by the Genova Music Academy. The next year he attended composition courses by Franco Donatoni and film music by Ennio Morricone at the Chigiana Music Academy in Siena.  From 1996 Curti started working on his audio projects. The high diffusion of QRCODE which enabled the use of wifi and remote connections to websites, allowed him to develop the initial and highly innovative idea of connecting audio representation with visual elements. Moreover, it enabled him to start an artistic path which took the form of exhibitions-concerts and which has been well received nationally and internationally.