Patrick Willocq – Art Incursions into Civilizations

Art Incursions into Civilizations

Fondazione Pier Luigi e Natalina Remotti, Camogli (GE)

12 – 15 / 19 – 22 September, 2019
From 4 pm to 7,30 pm
Opening: 14 September from 5 pm

The annual exhibition held by the Fondazione Pierluigi e Natalina Remotti includes works from their collection, and works loaned for the occasion by galleries, collectors and artists from the region.
This year’s theme “Civilizations” leaves open many interpretative and in-depth possibilities which are reflected in the Foundation’s artistic choices.

In exhibition Patrick Willocq with Tohazee dagbamba yabdoo/ Tohazie, the grandfather of the Dagbamba Kingndom from the series  “One finger cannot pick a stone”, 2016.