Pierluigi Fresia

Born in Asti in 1962, after his studies he began his exhibit activity with works often related to conceptual art, first painting, photography and video, later he often accompanied hiw work with words and text.
The formally conceptual procedure that can be traced in his latest photographic works has never gone far froom those exquisite poetic and existential aspects of his subjects and the shooting typology. He has often focused on an analysis of the concepts of reality, time, existence and the individual, made through seemingly banal autobiographical or narrative outcrops.
Pierluigi Fresia’s works have been shown at various international contemporary art fairs:ARCO of Madrid, Artissima in Turin, ARTEFIERA of Bologna, ARTEVERONA, MIA and MIART in Milan, FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA (2010 and 2015) in Reggio Emilia, PHOTO BIENNALE Daegu (Korea).
His works have been exhibited in several collective and personal exhibitions in public institutional spaces and in private galleries and others belong to various private and public (Foundations and Museums) collections like the MART of Rovereto and the GAM of Turin.