Pierluigi Fresia

Opening reception Saturday September 30th, 2017
from 6.30 pm
the artist will be present
October 3rd – November 15th, 2017

Entanglement is a term used in quantum theory to describe how the particles of energy/matter can be correlated and predictably interact with each other, regardless of their distance. Many of us have learned that the laws capable of governing the microscopic world are different from those that move the macroscopic one; while physics and quantum mechanics describe the infinitely small, Newtonian physics adheres perfectly to the macroscopic world but, it is the infinitely small that transmits a fascinating
image because it is somewhat divergent from the categories of space, time and causality we are used to.

But are we sure that the separation between these two worlds is so clear?
Could we, on the other hand, think that the laws of quantum physics and some of its strange phenomena, such as entanglement, can have a validity and manifestaion in the physical world as well? Our view of the world shapes our experience, and also shapes the world around us through our actions and choices. What we believe to be possible defines what we are capable of creating. We should therefore be prepared to believe that the reality we experience is forged solely by our interaction with the surrounding world on the basis of perception or measurement.

The key to reading Fresia’s works lies precisely in this moment of interaction between photography and drawing, acts that cannot be described here as two different actions but become a single experience in order to reflect on the method of observing reality or what we humanly define as such.

Languages overlap, the relationship between image and drawing is subverted: what is the image in Fresia’s work? Photography or drawing? Not only the desire, but the willingness to actively engage the spectator, who observes, reads, seeks the connection between image and drawing, does not find it thus he searches into his wealth of experiences and knowledge, looking for answers and certainties. But the artist does not have the absolute truth, he invites us to construct personal, subjective stories: every work is the nurturing of a powerful story, the incipit is given, and the possibilities are infinite. Fresia destabilizes, disorients, forces us to reflect on ourselves through apparent puzzles or enigmas, leaving us in front of this gift with the absolute freedom to create and recreate and give life to something that exists only within us.