Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli


"In 1995, I moved from Paris, France to California where I found myself immersed in the West Coast art world and it transformed my dreams. As a young man, my father was a street photographer and we always had an enlarger set up in a closet turned into a dark room everywhere we lived. My work starts with a photograph and I let the image take me on a journey. I usually decide to work on an idea that is intriguing to me like fantasy worlds – Imaginary Biology - or human experiences – Secret Love, The Caretaker. Sharing mental visions and visual stories requires unusual printing supports. It can be a special paper that I hand-coat with albumen or gesso, a system of thread that allows the image to float, a sonic montage or a sequence that will lead to creating an artist’s book. It is an exciting challenge to transform an abstract idea into something palpable that can be shared with others."
She has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions over the last ten years. Her work is included in numerous American and European private and public collections like New-York Public Library, University of California-Los Angeles Special Collections, among others.
Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli has moved to Genoa in Italy where is currently living.