Malena Mazza


Malena Mazza was born in Bologna, she lives and works in Milan. She began her career as assistant director to Antonioni and the Taviani brothers, and also worked as a camera assistant to the directors of photography.
She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including: "Images from the States" (Milan, 1982; Bologna, 1983); "There is still room for optimism?" organized by Amnesty International in 1995; "Telefono Azzurro" (traveling exhibition of 1997); "Vadimoda" (Bologna, 2001; "Daily female" (Milan, , Rome, Palazzo Trevi Fountain and Pescara, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003); "in person"(Milan, Space Erasmus/Brera, 2003);"Autoportraits", (Paris,, 2003);" Daily Female"(Naples, , 2004);" Beauty Center” (Milan, 2004);"Chez Moi"(Milan, Space Erasmus Brera, 2005); “personal exhibition "(Milan,, 2005);" Photo Author to furnish "(Milan, at the Salone del Mobile, 2006);" Sound Check "(Pavia University, 2006) and in Hong Kong in 2012.
She has worked as a fashion photographer in New York, London, Paris, Madrid and Milan for numerous publications including Amica, Cosmopolitan, D Republic, Elle, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Max, Style, Vogue etc. and as an assistant director for the most important Italian and foreign directors in advertising and cinema as the Taviani brothers, Michelangelo Antonioni, Maurizio Zaccaro, Giancarlo Soldi, Giampaolo Tescari, Maurizio Azzali, Dario Piana, Gavino Sanna, Andrea Cardile, Jerard de Batista, Jacques venait, Robert Fraisse and others.
She has published several photography books, including "Jewels D'Epoca" (1991, Ed. Finarte); "Ceramics of 900" (1992 Ed. Finarte); "The ceramics of Fez" (1993, Ed. Greek); "Without Baby-Sitter" with the introduction of Nobel Laureate Dario Fo, (2001 Ed. Leonardo Art / Mondadori / Electa); "Daily female" (2003, Ed. Peliti & Associates); "Selfportraits" (2003, Pin-Up Edizioni).
In 2005 she received the award (third prize) at the Exhibition of Contemporary Art Marubi in Tirana. She was present at both the 1995 and 2011 Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition.