June 12th - September 12th 2015


Techincal Info

Curator: Clelia Belgrado
Opening: Thursday June 12th, 2015 – 6 to 9 pm
Dates: June 12th – September 12th 2015
Location: VisionQuesT contemporary photography
Piazza Invrea 4r, 16123 Genova, Italy
+39 010 2476642
Hrs: from Wednesday to Saturday 3.30 pm – 7.30 pm and by appointment
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Press Release

VisonQuesT Contemporary photography as the final exhibition for this season, will present "Other Places" by Mario Daniele and Marco Maria Zanin. The two artists are connected to the theme of the landscape and both, with different techniques and content, deal with this “historical” subject of Photography in a particular and innovative way, breaking conventions, digging beyond what we see and allowing us to enter places where the landscape continues beyond the edges of the photograph Mario Daniele with "Quel sentiero per il lago" That path to the lake) leads us straight away to an open space, a vastness not precisely measurable, where man feels nature's eternal potential. It is an almost invisible path, more existential than physical, that leads to a place subjectively implied and not a place per say. We observe small portions of hearth washed by great lakes, where we as spectators are confront by our gaze, where the subject is not the individual, nor the lake, the person or the earth, but their relationship. Marco Maria Zanin develops his research project "Sicily" in the analysis and comparison between two poles: on the one hand that which belongs to the world of the beginnings and the other the phenomena of superstructures in the contemporary age. As an old emigrant, in search of sensations felt by generations who left Veneto region searching for fortune, Zanin first leaves for Brazil, then he decides, accepting a proposal and at the same time a challenge, to shift his attention to the south. He crosses the sea and leaves for Sicily where he creates this body of work, once again addressing the story of a hard rural land, where he finds the same themes and the same elements that have always characterized his research. Both artists suggest that it does not matter where these places are, because they are everywhere, in and out, archetypes of a possible spiritual landscape, landmarks in an "atlas of emotions", they

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