Marco Craig WITNESS 1:1 – PAN Palazzo delle Arti Naples

Launches Saturday 11 June at PAN Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli.

Curated by Marina Guida

Location: PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli – Via dei Mille, 60, 80121 Naples

Opening Saturday 11 June 2022 at 6 pm

From 12 June to 4 July, 2022; Daily, 9.30 am to 7.30 pm


The exhibition is facilitated by VisionQuesT 4rosso – Genova, in collaboration with the Municipal Councillor for Culture of Naples.

Including an exclusive selection of previously unpublished works

For the first time, the PAN | Palazzo delle Arti of Naples will host Marco Craig’s unmissable, exhibition event Witness 1:1, launching Saturday 11 June, and exhibiting from 12 June to 4 July.

Curated by Marina Guida, WITNESS 1:1 is a historical and artistic photographic project,

using exciting moments from the sporting world to discuss where man and design have come together to be both witnesses and protagonists within the story.

At the heart of the project was the meticulous research by Craig, in looking for objects that have been in close physical contact with the athlete or witnesses to memorable sporting moments, which in some cases are globally significant historical events.

Each object is photographed once placed in a transparent vacuum-pressurised plastic bag, to preserve their integrity and exclude them from any external pollution. A handwritten tag is applied to each bag, telling the story of the object, with a few, although essential, almost didactic traits, thus restoring their individual uniqueness. Each work is then printed to a 1:1 scale, consistent with the photographed object.

Craig’s research has led him to meet collectors, companies, museums, athletes and former athletes, and throughthem, listen to the stories and emotions hidden behind every object or garment.