Imagine a book
under the Christmas tree

One of the best Christmas presents you can give and recive!

Come and see Us at the gallery with:

Douglas BEASLEY, Earth meets Spirit – 5 Continents Edition.

Clelia BELGRADO, Myanmar – Silvana Editoriale.

Bruno CATTANI, Memorie – Danilo Montanari Editore.
Bruno CATTANI, Frammenti – Corsiero Editore.

Renato D’AGOSTIN, The beautiful Cliche’ – Silvana Editoriale.
Renato D’AGOSTIN, Tokyo untitled – Silvana Editoriale.

Carla IACONO, Fairy Glaze and other stories – Ed. I quaderni di Gente di Fotografia.

Fausto GIACCONE, The world of Gabriel García Márquez – Ed. Postcard.

Patrick WILLOCQ, Songs of the Wale’ – Ed. Kehrer Verlag.


Plus all the  VisionQuesT catalogue series and more!