Carla Iacono


Carla Iacono  lives and works in Genoa, using photography and installations as expressive media.
Her work focuses on the themes of body and the metamorphoses, often examining  adolescence as an extraordinary mechanism of defence, courage and adaptation.
The autobiographical elements, such as the presence of her daughter as a favourite subject of most images, emphasize the representation and make it a concrete symbol of the delicate path that, between doubts and anxieties, takes every adolescent to maturity.
It is  conceptual photography that uses a mix of dreams, irony and fantasy, aiming at “revealing” fragments of memory or unconsciousness resurfacing  in a visible way from the depth of the invisible.
Iacono’s works are present in public and private collections and published in numerous catalogs of exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
Iacono’s recent exhibitions in 2017 include “Fairy Glaze” at TREVIGNANO FOTOGRAFIA 2017 and the collective “TONALITA' TANGIBILI”  at the Museo del Cinema in Torino.