Nicolò Paoli

Nicolò Paoli born in Mirandola, near Modena, in 1980, he lives and works in Genoa. He attended the Faculty of Architecture and the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts in Genova Painter, graphic artist, photographer, performer he works his middle ground where the rural becomes familiar with the city, the pristine with the post-nuclear, reality with fiction.  A very creative, multiple faceted artist, tends to break academic patterns, behavioural and social conventions addressing an exhibition both as an expression and a release from his obsessions. In his work, photography, mostly black and white, and painting, mostly white, co-exist. In addition to images, the materials he uses also play a prominent role not only on an aesthetic-sensory level, but also as a process, through the transformation, over time, of the skin of his work, through oxidations of the metal support, resin fouling, drippings, sprays of glues and paints. Intense is his exhibition and laboratory schedule. He has exhibited in museums, institutions and private spaces in Italy (Sala Dogana at Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Museo di Sant’Agostino in 2011, Genoa, Museo del Territorio Biellese for BIC2013-Silvy Bassanese contemporary art, Biella, Artrè Art Gallery Bruna Solinas Contemporanea, Genoa, Palazzo dei Congressi of Capri, Naples, Soc. Prom. of Fine Arts Circle of Artists Casa Dante, Florence, Milan, Modena, Cremona, Venice, Bolzano, Alexandria, Novara, Livorno, Imperia) and abroad Principality of Monaco (Month of Culture and Italian Language in 2014) in the Czech Republic (Prague), Bulgaria (Sofia), Switzerland (Lugano). He was invited in 2011 and 2012 to exhibit paintings at the Affordable Art Fair in Milan, in 2012 at   Photissima Art Fair in Turin. Nicolò Paoli is present in numerous national and international art collections.